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Chas Titty
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Sow Wow
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Visitor Transport
Visitor transport is included in the registration fee and will leave from The Hive car park.
Saturday main event assemble is in the car park at 13:45
Sunday hangover run assemble is at 09:45

Samui Hashers transport
For those who want transport it will be provided only between the meeting point at the Hive and the laager sites. For those who wish transport from other pick up points you must arrange it yourself.

The cost is 150฿ for Saturday, 150฿ for Sunday or 300฿ for both days.  This is in addition to your sliding scale cost.  You must let Chas Titty,,  know your requirements and give payment by Sat 26th Nov.

The main event Saturday run will finish after the circle and festivities continue thereafter at the Hive.

The Sunday hangover run will be an A to B guided walk. Those wishing to take their own cars to the A site will be given a lift back from the B site at no cost.




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